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Customized treatments

At Kooplicat we analyse every patient and provide treatments tailored to their body, mind & soul.

Kooplicat offers customized & the best ayurvedic treatments in Kerala for individuals suffering from various medical conditions. Our Ayurveda doctor will need to talk to you detail, understand your lifestyle, your symptoms and going through a detailed anaylysis, doctor will recommend the type of treatments to be taken, minimum number of days required and what kind of medicines to consume etc. 


World Class Amenities

Facilities at par with International Standards to make your stay memorable & refreshing

At Kooplicat, we look after the convenience of our guests. Apart from your routine treatment, we provide additional facilities to make your stay unforgettable. Apart from below, other requirements like FREE WIFI, tourist transports are also arranged on request.

  1. OPD / Consultation room - At Kooplicat we believe that it’s about curing the patient always and not only the illness, we have physicians and doctors who understand your health and give proper consultation for medication and treatment to give you the healthy life that you want.
  2. Therapy Theatres - We have 4 therapy theatres were facilities like hot water and steam box are provided. Here therapists can perform treatments in full privacy.
  3. Kitchen - We provide healthy and nutrients veg food for our patient. We have our own kitchen where healthy food are prepared and given to patients on the advice of our Physician. No outside food allowed.
  4. Pharmacy - Our in house Ayurvedic pharmacy has a wide collection of herbal products for you to use and buy.

Experienced Therapists

A team of highly professional, well trained, certified therapist, both male & female, work at Kooplicat.

A team of well-trained medical staff, non-medical staff and experienced clinical technicians work round-the-clock to offer various services that include Body Massage , Arthritis Management , Ayurvedic Massage , Beauty Enhancement , Fever , Gastritis Treatment , Hair Loss Treatment , Obesity Treatment , Panchakarma , Psoriasis Treatment , Skin Tag Treatment , Skin Treatment .

Own Products & Medicines

The Influence Of Doshas On The Human Body

As unique as your doshas are according to your Prakruti, your doshas do get elevated as you get older and get exposed to environmental changes. When the doshas are elevated, they create problems and diseases in areas of your body, in which they are present. Elevation of one dosha may suppress the progress of the other doshas in one’s body. This leads to further disturbance in your bodily functions.

To counter this, Kooplicat Doctors understands the state of elevated doshas in one’s body through the various assessment techniques. Based on the inputs given by the patient, Kooplicat uses herbs and natural essentials, which can specifically help in controlling the damage caused by the elevated doshas.